Refuse Derived Fuel Defined

The world is slowly becoming a garbage filled planet. Our country itself is suffering from the toxic waste products and useless garbage that have been polluting our lands and water sources. Gone were the ways of incineration and landfills as the primary source of waste management for they only contribute more to the air pollution and land pollution in the county. 

We are unable to properly fix the problem of sanitation and our government officials are racing in order to help quickly solve the alarming rate of garbage in our country. One of the possible solutions to the problem of waste sanitation is RDF. You may be wondering what is RDF and how will it be able to help our country reduce the wastes that have been polluting our lands.

RDF or much properly known as refused derived fuel is a product of pelletizing garbage and the addition of diesel for combustion. This pellet serves as the fuel to power up a biosphere machine in a material recycling facility. A biosphere machine system is a add on to a material recycling facility or MRF. This has the power to convert the RDF pellet into green energy. Imagine a perpetual source of green energy that can power up cities or provinces without the toxic emissions of diesel or oil powered plants. 

We can finally restore our country to its once healthy region and reduce the garbage that is plaguing our lands. With the help of RDF and the biosphere system in a material recycling facility we will be able to reduce the tons of garbage being dumped on our land fill sites and also reduce the effects of the pollution it brings to our lands and seas. The green future is on our hand and with it our future will be bright. 


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