SBSC's Refuse Derived Fuel

The world we live in used to be one that we can be proud to live in. The air used to be clean, the water used to be fresh and blue and the lands are filled with trees and flowers that prosper. The industrial age has really improved the way of living in our world. Technology has been able to help us simplify the things we do. And for every innovation things have become a lot easier to deal with and bridging the gap between nations with the technologies they share with one another. The sad thing about this evolution of technology is that the world is slowly dying because of it. The world is dying to every bit of pollution being dumped into the waters sources, air and land. Land pollution is destroying the very ecosystem that we live in. People are rushing to find alternative solutions on how to fix the garbage problem and one the answers is the refuse derived fuel.

What is the refused derived fuel?

Many are not familiar with the technology of changing garbage into something that is profitable which is refused derived fuel. Refused derived fuel is the product of pelletizing garbage and combining it with diesel fuel. This combination of pellets and diesel can actually make the garbage usable as the product that fuels the biosphere machine. A biosphere machine system makes use of RDF or refused derived fuel as its fuel to generate electricity. Imagine that we are able to convert seemingly meaningless trash into electricity that is renewable, clean and profitable.

SBSC and the RDF pellet

SBSC or Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation is one of the leaders when it comes to refused derived fuel. With its facility within the vicinity of the local dumpsite SBSC could provide quality refused derived fuel pellet to any country that may need supply for their biosphere machine system.


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